In 2005 two young men developed a concept of…  In 2005, God guided two young men to each other, watering the seeds that were sown in both of them at birth… Sending them down a path, that would be filled with trials, tribulations, and unthinkable temptations. Two very different individuals with different skills sets, and ways of thinking, brought together to ascertain their purpose in life. To act as a guide, with wisdom believed to be given by God, to those who are seeking out, either consciously or subconsciously, their path through life. The name, Edifide, is not a statement of accomplishment or achievement; but more so a never-ending goal. No matter a person’s culture, race, religion, or creed; Edifide’s purpose is to offer whatever they can to help that person edify themselves.

Jason “Maxx” Miller (on the left) formerly went by the stage name “N-Sane.” The name actually came from earlier in Jason’s life, when he was the co-owner of an independent wrestling entertainment company called the YWA (Youth Wrestling Association). The name “Maxx” came from his childhood when he played little league football. Now-a-days most people just call him Maxx. Maxx grew up in a non-denominational church in Charlotte, NC. Ever since he could walk and talk, the church inspired and encouraged him to sing and play instruments. The pastor of the church told him, “God gave you these gifts, and you will use them to spread His word.” Throughout his childhood, Maxx lived in an inner city neighborhood, constantly surrounded by gang violence, drugs, and anything else that comes with the stereotype.

Dale Helms (on the right) formerly went by the stage name “Malyse.” This was the name Dale went by before he started his music career. As a teenager in junior high, Dale wrote lyrics that were inspired by the world around him. Because the lyrics he wrote were a reflection of his surroundings, naturally, his name became a reflection of his lyrics. Dale grew up in a southern Baptist church in Indian Trail, NC. He first sang with his father, a southern gospel singer, in the church at a young age. Dale was a member of the church’s youth group until the youth minister moved away. In an attempt to continue the youth program, the group held youth events where Dale performed hip-hop for the first time. Unfortunately, the events were not enough to keep the group going, and that sent Dale down a darker, rebellious, road.

In some of the darkest times, in their lives, God cleared a path for Maxx and Dale to find each other. They realized that the seed planted years ago, was not only still alive but, had been nurtured by the light of God all these years. They found that, through music and their God-given talents, they could share this light with others; in an attempt to nurture other sown seeds that people have forgotten. Given the nature of their surroundings at the time, they knew if they tried preaching to their friends, in a traditional manner, they would not get a word in edge-wise. So they decided to employ style that they, and their peers, were accustomed to. So they began releasing a series of albums titled with chapter numbers. The albums are chapters of a book called “The Green Orb.”

The essence of Edifide’s message is Truth, Knowledge, Faith, and Respect. They feel that the practice of these four things will assist anyone with their edification. Yes, both Maxx and Dale are Christians; however they do not believe that forcing their religious beliefs on others is fair or right. Edifide encourages their listeners to take what they hear, and apply it to their own lives the way they need to.

We respect people who have different religious beliefs. We don’t have to believe what they believe and they don’t have to believe what we believe. That doesn’t suggest that we cannot interact and learn from each other. If YOUR faith is strong and you can respect other religions enough to listen, then you can gain knowledge; and knowledge and faith are key strengthening elements of a spiritual edifice.

Edifide has released 5 “Chapters” already, and have gotten an outstanding response. They have performed with “Big-Name, National” acts, and they’ve performed in people’s houses. They have gone wherever they were wanted. They gathered an amazing following, over thousands of people. After the release of one of their albums in 2009, Edifide took a two three year break as Jason went back to school. They returned in 2012 with the release of another “Chapter.” They took notice to a huge change in their followers. The next year they released another album, which was for entertainment value, to figure out the nature of the change in “fans.” “Now that we know who is listening, and who just wants to be entertained, we know where we stand. We have went out to the bars and clubs, we’ve went through the underground spreading as much light as we could. It is now up to those people to decide what they want. But it is time for Edifide to focus on those who are on their spiritual journey, and are looking for support.”

Today, both Maxx and Dale stand strong in their beliefs as they minister to anyone who will accept it. They have planted seeds for almost 10 years, and now it is time to help those seeds grow, just as God did for them.

We can’t help everybody, we certainly can’t please everybody; but we can try. We know many places (churches or ministries) may not accept us due to our past, but this is what God has put us here to do. Everything has happened for a reason, and we will not regret anything that God has done for us nor what has been done to us; both good and bad. We’re trying to be obedient to what God has set before us; we will trust in Him, that we will accomplish whatever His will may be.


Past Roads

We have performed in bars and nightclubs. We have performed with “horrorcore” musicians. We have been judged, and at some points condemned, for how we went about achieving our goals. We do consider ourselves Christians, but we do not shun those who do not. Jesus spoke out to murderers and thieves; he sought out those who were in spiritual need. Being Christian means to follow the teaching of Christ, to follow his example, to be like Christ. That is what we try to do. We are not claiming to be saviors, we are not perfect, we are no greater than anyone. But, God has put us here for a reason, and that reason is to help guide His souls back to him.


We are in the process of “cleaning up” our act. We would like to reach out and speak out to the churches, the youth groups, and spiritual organizations. We know most of our current discography is not appropriate for traditional churches, and we know we can be bold with our message; but that is who we are. God made us this way for a reason and we have seen Him work through us and our music, and we want to share that with as many people as possible.

We have made attempts to remove all the unnecessarily “obscene” material that we have done in the past, out of respects for our new listeners; however there are a lot of songs that have profane language on the majority of our albums. So please, if you take issue with profanity in music, pay attention to album covers with “Parental Advisory” labels on them; as they contain profane language. Our future music will not be this way; we just want to make you aware of our previous releases. We pray that this topic does not stray you from what we are trying to do.

Keep it Real & God Bless

The Logo

The logo used by Edifide isn’t just a cleaver drawing. In fact it plays a big role in explaining, exactly, what Edifide is about. The logo symbolizes many things, and we are about to go over a couple of them.
WARNING: This may be very confusing.


Looking at the logo, you have the first three letters, E, D, and I. These letters are backwards, and that in it self symbolizes a few things. It represents the bad and wrongdoing, the “evil”, of mankind. It also represents the ignorance, the lacking of knowledge beyond man’s comprehension. These three letters are backwards first because it is how we, mankind, start our journey of edification.

Jumping to the last three letters. These letters, E, D, and I are drawn out in the “right” way, they are forward. This represents positive, the correct way of life, the goodness and purity of a soul born again. These three letters are the result of the middle…

Now the center of the logo. There are a lot of things going on here. You have the Cross, the “F”, and the “F” serving as a cross on top of the first Cross. The Cross represents the all-knowing light of our creation. The “F” stands for the never-ending fight between good and evil, which is why it is with the Cross. Now both of these symbols make up the perfect balance of all things.

Now in sequence you have the “wrong” at first, the Light, and then the positive. This is why we do what we do, to edify you, in the best ways we know. In our logo you have the understanding of good and evil, light and dark, and you see that the following the light will always guide you to righteousness.

And that is the meaning behind the Edifide logo!