The “Right” Perspective

Posted by Dale Category: Insight

I know everyone has their own views on everything from religion to a political stance and so on. And I do believe there is a correct answer for all of those, but it seems like no one is unselfish enough to make those calls. Everyone is too worried about how it will affect them. It’s disappointing really but it begs the question…. what is the right perspective to have? Or is there even one?
Well let’s start with the variable that tends to cause most of the conflicts… your opinion. If we remove it or simply deem it unnecessary when it turns to a person’s beliefs, how many problems will it solve? To start I will use an example which is religious and political. Most republicans appear to stand on the pro-life side of the abortion debate due to their belief that its “murder” to abort a child after conception which is usually backed by bible based beliefs. And some even say that just having the choice is “playing” God. However the bible itself doesn’t specify that and we don’t know what God’s view on it is or isn’t. From my view God gave us free will and he allows us to do whatever we want (and that we will be punished for our sins by Him, so if it’s wrong He will punish the person who did it with no need for us to get involved). So with that being said, the thought that this is even a discussion confuses me. taking away our free will based on those beliefs without knowing a definitive answer sounds more like playing God than letting a woman choose from where I’m sitting. Which is a beautiful fence with dead grass on both sides. Now I know that people will read this and say… adoption. I agree that is without a doubt, one of the most selfless acts I can think of (except for girls that use it as a way to keep partying… yes I said it). To give up a child so that someone who cannot have them as an opportunity to raise them usually in a better environment is terrific. However, it’s not for everyone. Sorry to get off topic I just felt it was necessary to make the comment before someone else did trying to start an argument about something that isn’t even the basis of the discussion.

Next we can look at a person’s morals or ethics. Overtime everyone has been taught what is right and what is wrong, but just because as a society we are generally taught similar moral structure doesn’t mean we all have the same view. Ok, I don’t even know why I’m going to go this route but… so be it. For hundreds and thousands of years we’ve been told a man and a woman is the only way. And please don’t make the predictable arguments everyone else is going to make, I beg you. So yes, I know homosexuality has been around forever but it is a relatively new concept when viewed by the masses. Anyway… most people, at least from who I’ve ever met were raised that homosexuality is “wrong” but yet the same people who said that also spoke out against discrimination and for equality. That just doesn’t really sit right for me. Now personally… I couldn’t care less. However on the same sex marriage debate, I agree with the comedian who said, “I think they should have the right to be as miserable as the rest of us.” ha!  But my point is this… we were raised certain ways, but ultimately you build your own structure of beliefs regardless of what the foundation original was.

Now back to the original question, what is the right perspective to have? Or is there even one? Well I wouldn’t say there is one. I think every view is essential to make the correct choices. Whether it be right or wrongs those different moral views questioning the system forces us to constantly re-evaluate our previous decisions in order to work to a better future. So yeah there is a right perspective… it’s all of them together. Hopefully someday we can just remove the selfishness and maybe we might actually accomplish half of our goals.