Black & White and Shades of Gray

Posted by Jason Maxx Category: Insight

Decision making is, by far, the single most under rated and under thought action a person can do. It’s importance is not typically realized by most. Think about it; if you believe in God, and that God gave us free will, then what that means is, God gave us the right to decide. So why in any case should decision making be taken lightly? God created paradise and gave Man suggestions on how to live in it, and maintain it (The Bible if you wanna see it that way). But because He gave us free will we can decide to take those suggestions or ignore them completely. The Bible is just an example in what I’m talking about. I don’t believe anyone should be “forced” to believe “in” the Bible. In fact the Bible is just a book, a tangible item and in my opinion could be seen as a “false idol” according to itself… But that’s an entirely different matter all together. But what I’m getting at is; it is what one LEARNS from the content of that book, that can help the decision making process.

Let me ask you this; do you allow other people to make decisions for you? I know some people do, all the time. We call it peer pressure. Letting other people dictate your actions. If you know what you want, then why would you ever do the opposite? Being indecisive, “straddling the fence,” waiting on others opinions before you decide, these are all “Shades of Gray” in my opinion. And I believe it’ll cause one to forget who they are and become a product of their surroundings. And if that person is surrounded by crap… well, I think you get my point.  If the decision you have to make is either “yes” or “no” then it is just that. Now some would argue that sometimes it is not just a simple “yes” or “no,” and I completely agree. It’s not simple, it’s not easy, but the fact remains that those are your two choices.

Making a decision and living with the consequence, either good or bad, is how decision making is suppose to work. But sometime you may have mixed feelings about somethings, or you can’t decide if the consequence of your decision is worth the decision. But ultimately you have to make the decision. I believe “Shades of Gray” is a term mostly used to falsely justify not taking the responsibility of making a decision and waiting as long as possible to make the decision, if at all. Maybe in hopes that someone else will make it, or in hopes it’ll disappear.  I do understand how hard decisions can be, and I completely understand one’s decision to just say that there are “shades of gray” about something they can’t decide on. But I say if you’re stuck on one decision, then you can’t move on to the next; therefore your progress in life has been slowed. If just a little, that decision will sit in your head and fester and could wind up driving you crazy.

Now having “shades of gray” feelings about an outside, opinionated topic is one thing; but when it comes to one’s self, I don’t believe one should.

Let me ask another question. If a person does not know anything about a decision that needs to be made, I mean doesn’t know the pro the cons or isn’t even educated on the matter, should that person be the person makes that decision?

If you answered no to that question, then how could someone who has mixed feeling about how they feel about themselves make good decisions for themselves? How can you be yourself if you are influenced by others because you don’t know how you feel about yourself. And that is where I believe seeing decisions with “Shades of Gray” will lead you. When it comes to one’s self, I believe one should only see Black and White. KNOW who you are, KNOW what you want, KNOW where you’re going, and KNOW where you’re coming from. And if any of those things change, it should be because YOU decided to change them because it is what YOU wanted. I don’t believe a person should have questions about themselves. And if they do, then they should find those answers before worrying about anything else. If you don’t know yourself, then what do you know?

Again, these are MY opinions, this is how I see it and how I live. I am not forcing my way on any of you. I am simply sharing my views. I would love to know your views. Not to argue, but to just learn more about you guys. I cannot disrespect, judge, or look down on anyone. You have the same free will I do, and I respect that. But tell me what you think about all this and share your views on the matter.