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Chapter 1: Death Perception

Release Date: November 14, 2006
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Chapter 1: Death Perception is the first album released by Edifide. It expresses their unique views on life, spirituality, and the world as they see it. I encompasses both the good and the bad and how it pertains to them and mankind in general.

This album is currently not available in a physical format, however you can purchase a digital copy by clicking the link below.

***Parental Advisory***
There is some profane language in a few songs on this album. It was tailored for those who most consider “outcast.” But the messages are still there and holds just as much valor.

Track List:

1. Intro
2. Edifide
3. Embalming Knowledge
4. This Isn’t Fictitious
5. Blood Bath
6. Red of the Moon
7. What’s Your Fear
8. Bow Down
9. Exorcism is Conversion
10. Judged But Not Convicted
11. History of Karma
12. Bottom of the Barrel
13. Sacrifice
14. What’s My Place
15. Born Again
16. Beyond the Grave

Album Review

Edifide is officially my favorite musical group. I’ve been following them for a while now and I just got done listening to their “Chapter 1: Death Perception” cd. I looked up the meaning of their band name. What I found was this:

Edifide- “to Edify is understood to build up, or strengthen someone,(or to be strengthened) in a relationship with God. To walk the Christian walk and holiness.”
This is exactly what their motivation is! It says in the bible,

“We are Edifide by the word of God.” -(Acts20:32)
As I’ve been taught, the word of God is the will of God. Well Edifide is definitely preaching the Word! With Chapter 1 “Death Perception”, Edifide teaches us to have blind faith. In this immaculate collection of songs, we journey through the darkness to find the light. Isn’t that what life’s all about? Trying to survive, trying to better ourselves? For me it is. Edifide teaches us in such a manner to where you feel you are just listening to a great hip hop, rock, and drum and bass album, but in actuality you’re getting taught wonderful things! A lesson in each track! I assure you that Edifide is very humble with their knowledge, and they don’t perceive themselves as perfect by any means.

It’s obvious to me that both Malyse and N-Sane have seen dark and tough times, and made it through as better people. They have true God given talents that they’re using to help others find a path with God. My favorite track on this album is track 7, “What’s your fear?” This is my jam!! It’s got all the ingredients of current popular mainstream music, but the lyrics go a bit deeper than Lil’ Jon, or T-Pain. Track 4 has a message for us to “be real”, there are enough phony people and false prophets in the world today. Truth hurts, and lies don’t comfort you. Track 5 touches upon suicide! I’ve lost at least five friends to this evil act. So many people are so lost, and hurting so badly, and ultimately every soul is worth saving! Track 6, we are ALL sinners! But we have been given a chance to redeem ourselves through Jesus! Edifide’s words can be strict at times, but it’s what we all need to hear. That’s why they stress in track 10 not to judge others so harshly unless you yourself are free from sin. They also talk about demonic possession, and how the devil wears you down! It’s like listening to a well delivered sermon at church, but using music as its conduit! How brilliant!

I love Edifide so much! I can honestly say that I’ve learned more from listening to their hip hop/rap/rock music than I ever did from a pastor or minister at church. This is sad but true. Music has always spoken to me. More so than books, or people. So Edifide is great for a hard headed person like me, who can’t sit still long enough to learn something useful! Thankyou Edifide! You are helping us to better understand ourselves, and what God wants, and expects from us. They are distributing Gods word to the masses through great music! Giving us a reason to have blind faith! Teaching us that by having blind faith there’s a 50/50 chance, if we’re wrong, we lose nothing. If we’re right, we will receive the gift of eternal life in the kingdom of heaven. Things more beautiful than you could ever imagine! What’ve you got to lose? Blind faith is believing wholly in something that you cannot see, hear, or touch; just simply believing and surrendering yourself over to it without a question or a doubt. If you achieve this, then you have truly been “Edifide!”
God Bless!!!
- Alison Estes