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Chapter 2: Man’s Mistakes

Release Date: March 18, 2008
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Chapter 2: Man’s Mistakes is Edifide fourth album release, but is the second chapter in the book they call “The Green Orb.” If you are looking for a “sugar-coated” truth about things, then this is not an album for you. Chapter 2 has been referred to as a “Harsh, but true” album. Whenever you have people who are not afraid to be blunt, “calling it as they see it,” it can be a little hard to swallow. In this album, Edifide exploits the sins we all commit on a daily basis; and expresses the anger and disappointment they feel towards themselves and the world.

This album is currently not available in a physical format, however you can purchase a digital copy by clicking the link below.

***Parental Advisory***
There is HEAVY PROFANITY on this album. It was tailored for those who most consider “outcast.” But the messages are still there and holds just as much valor.

Track List

1. Intro
2. My Flaws
3. Restricted Opinions
4. Die to Self
5. They Have Fell
6. Wanna Be God
7. Ungrateful
8. Reap What You Sew
9. His Wrath
10. Hate Yourself
11. A Darkness Ahead
12. History of Sin
13. Love’s Destruction
14. Father Figure
15. Leading the Wrong Path
16. False Beliefs
17. The Church
18. That’s the Problem