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Chapter 5: Empire in the Shadows

Release Date: November 20, 2012
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Chapter 5: Empire in the Shadows is Edifide’s eighth album release, but the fifth chapter in the book they call “The Green Orb.” After a 3 year absence from the “music scene,” Edifide has returned with an album that address the trials and struggles they faced in their absence. Chapter 5 expresses Edifide’s views on the dangers of modern society. The point of view could remind you of someone trying to be “good” but is surrounded by evil, temptations, and what seems like a hopeless world. But this person has to stay strong; be aware of the opposition, and keep his faith that God is with him at all times.

***Parental Advisory***
There is some profane language on this album. It was tailored for those who most consider “outcast.” But the messages are still there and holds just as much valor.

Track List:
1. Intro
2. The Return
3. On the Attack
4. Evil’s Rise
5. True World Crisis
6. Not without a Fight
7. De-Press
8. Political Voodoo
9. Beware the Legion
10. Within the Legion
11. History of Hate
12. Bless this Mess
13. Altered
14. One Life to Give
15. Edifice
16. What Will You See
17. Writings on the Walls