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Chapter 8: Anno Domini

Release Date: March 17, 2015
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his is one of Edifide’s best albums. For those of you who have followed Edifide over years, you know how they are capable of “raising the bar.” Since Chapter 1: Death Perception, you all have seen their progression. I can’t put into words how awesome this album is. The lyrics, the style, the music, the mood, feeling, and energy is all astonishing. This CD is a must have.

Edifide’s metaphorical, yet philosophical, skill-set is showcased, as always, with excellent delivery. Listing will cause you to want to look at yourself in a new light and with a different perspective. Looking at things from different views, with an open mind, will almost always lead to one’s self improvement. The spiritual and moral guidance is both uplifting and inspirational.

The styles of music, as on all of their CD’s, is diverse. Although “rap” appears to be a focal point, there is something on this album for everyone. From hard triumphant Rock, to laid back Jazzy music, Edifide delivers a great mix of style that can be enjoyed by everyone.

“Overall the goal is to stay true to yourself; in turn keeping you true to others; which in turn keeps you true to God.”

***Note there is no parental advisory for this album***

Album Review

This is by far the most progressive album edified has come out with yet due to its entirely clean lyrical content throughout the whole CD. This is good so that anyone, anywhere, can listen to this entire album because it is appropriate for people of all ages. This is definitely a must-have CD for any contemporary Christian! I have listened to all of their albums and I know their music very well, so I feel that I am qualified to say that this album is definitely going to go to the top of the charts! All of Edifide’s music is great and meant for someone to hear. Anno Domini is meant for all to hear. In this one CD edified caters to every music lover with a compilation of sounds from almost every genre of music; Contemporary Christian, rap, rock, pop, and R&B.

It is a fact that the words in this CD will make you want to stop, drop, and listen from start to finish. The fantastic metaphors in every song keeps your mind focused on the music as Edifide delivers each and every word to your ears, then to the brain, and then straight to your heart. There is no need to overthink anything because their messages of the good news are loud and clear! It leaves you happy and ready to take on the world. It also keeps us mindful of the reality of stress and pressure of living in today’s world, and keeping the faith!

This CD encourages one to make positive changes in their life, and to see things from a new perspective. It definitely inspires spiritual growth by firing at you perpetual lyrical guidance and motivation, a creatively carried out explanation of God’s words and his will and plan for you.

As you are learning and growing, and worshiping our Lord, it’ll also make you want to get up and dance! It’s amazing beats mesmerize you while you let Edifide teach you a good lesson by lyrics with meaning! Edified has definitely earned my respect, and my support with this new CD. I am very excited to see how this CD will affect every new listener.

Music with a true meaning, Edifide teaches us to earn our place in God’s presence, and to learn not only to talk the talk, but most importantly to walk the walk! I can definitely sense Edifide is in a very strong and grounded state of mind because of their ability to effectively communicate to the masses a verbal reflection of their past, a clear perspective of the present, and their hopes and dreams for the future betterment of mankind.

I just really sense a strong loving presence and a brotherly love coming from the CD. I see a very bright future for ahead for Edifide!

From start to finish the CD is entertaining an absolutely wonderful! It is a must-have for any contemporary Christian and I can see radio stations playing the songs on a daily basis. I hear many top chart hits. For instance the songs “Elephant” and “I.G.W.T” are your total Rock out songs! Whereas “Splice,” and “Condemnation” are complete pop/rock hits! I can totally hear “history of mercy,” being song in any Parrish! And the song that will bring tears to your eyes like never before is, “crazy ones!”
- Alison Estes